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The Faceless Woman Harbinger or Demon

The faceless woman has appeared to people for a very long time and most now see her as an harbinger, or for those who take heed, a warning.

Some people believe they are being visited by a ghost but in reality she is an entity, which some consider a demon as almost always if her warnings are not taken seriously bad things begin to happen.

This may be false thinking on our part and she is better referred to as a harbinger.

The Faceless Woman in Dreams

She can appear to someone in their dreams. The dreams can be quite vivid and detailed and people have reported that they knew almost immediately that if they didn't get the message and change what they were doing things were not going to go well for them.

Other times the dreams can be more cryptic and the apparition may appear more than once to try to get her warning through.

She doesn't seem to cause any harm to her victims other than scaring them quite badly. The problem is if they continue as they have in the past, most often their lives begin to fill with chaos.

She Also Appears as a Living Entity

Japanese mythology calls them Noppera-bo. In Japanese folklore there are quite a few tales of how people are about to do something that is not moral and a faceless woman appears to them as a living person. When they get a closer look, her face fades away and they realize they are in contact with a something that is not human. Most often this happens when they are about to commit an act that may lead them down a destructive path.

Some of the newer stories we hear now tell how people have encountered this entity while they are awake which holds to the Japanese version. The outcome is still the same. She is issuing a warning of some sort and if the recipient doesn't change course, their lives may be thrown into turmoil.

Harbinger or Demon

The faceless woman has been tagged as a demon because although it's generally thought that she won't actually harm anyone herself, the acts that people are thinking about committing may lead them down a dangerous and often harmful path. It is thought that she then causes certain events to happen if her warnings are not taken seriously.

Again, this is where our thinking may be faulty. The actions of the faceless woman may not be malevolent, after all she is coming to warn us and give us a chance to change our ways. She is indeed scary but it would seem this is the best way to get our attention.

If we don't happen to listen to the warning the events that follow are usually quite unpleasant. If we take a moment to consider though, the events are a natural progression of something we ourselves started.

It would seem the faceless woman is not a demon after all but truly a harbinger whose warning anyone visited by her would do well to heed.

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