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Ghost Hauntings
Is it a Residual Haunting or an Intelligent Visitation?

Ghost hauntings come in different types. Knowing what you are dealing with makes it easier to understand the experiences you are having and how you can deal with them.

Residual Haunting Very Much Like a Time Loop

There are residual hauntings which are more or less the past replaying itself. In these episodes an event seems to be caught in a loop that is replayed over and over. It isn't an event that is happening right now but one that has already happened. You can't usually interact with these types of occurrences.

For these kinds of ghost hauntings some people believe spirits are trapped in these time-loops and can't break free. While we're not one hundred percent certain this is not true, it is more likely that the episode is linked to a memory imprint and the specters are not truly taking part in the events as they are being replayed. It is just the residual or memory energy that we can see or feel.

Active Visitation It's Going On Right Now

Another sort of haunting are the ones where the spirit has 'physically' come back for whatever reason and is existing on the living plane. It is often referred to as an intelligent visitation, though I just like to call it an active visitation simply because there is interaction with whomever or whatever is visiting. These are the ones that most people have experiences in.

The spirit or entity is real and usually trying to communicate or get a message across to us, and often to one person in particular. In these encounters we can set up some form of communication with them and find out what it is they want.

These particular hauntings can happen in a variety of ways the ghosts can visit by appearing in a way that we are aware of them directly and we can see and/or hear them very clearly. Unfortunately, although this is the most efficient way to communicate, many people find it very disturbing.

Spirits can also contact us in our dreams or through our dreams. This is actually one of the easiest ways for them to get their message through to us. Our minds can be very receptive in the dream state and because we are asleep we don't have the same degree of fear.

This can help an apparition get their message through with a limited amount of stress and it's highly effective. Although in order for it to work really well we do have to realize we have been visited. Most of the time that's not too difficult as these types of dreams have a stronger feel of reality to them and we can sometimes remember them quite vividly.

It's usually not too difficult to determine what type of ghost hauntings you are dealing with.

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