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Poltergeists :

Noisy Ghosts, Human Psychokinesis, or Something Else Entirely

Poltergeists ghosts can be a bit tricky when it comes to determining exactly where the source of the poltergeist activity is coming from. This is due to there being the possibility of more than one reason for this type of occurrence.

One source can be ghosts, another source may be human psychokinesis, and then we have to also consider the possibility of an entity of another nature altogether.

Let's talk about poltergeists and ghosts first.

I think this meaning sums it up nicely : a ghost that announces its presence by noisy means and the creation of disorder.

It's the creation of disorder part that fits true poltergeists as just making noise isn't enough. Ghosts will communicate through rapping, knocking, and just about any other noise or activity that they believe we humans can hear or may acknowledge, especially if you ask them a question.

That response, or initial attempt at getting noticed, doesn't make them poltergeists, even though it fits the description of being noisy. That form of interactivity during a visitation is very simply a ghost trying to communicate.

True poltergeists, and not just ghosts behaving badly, do indeed create disorder and that is what poltergeist activity is all about.

There can be different levels of this phenomena depending on the situation. The occurrences can be a venting of a playful nature, or it can be a show of displeasure, frustration, full blown anger or they could simply be showing their power level to intimidate. It really depends on the entity and what mood they're in.

In rare instances poltergeists don't necessarily want a resolution to their haunting, in fact, they may be quite content to continue haunting and the more disruption they can cause the happier they will be.

That's what can make a haunting by poltergeists more complicated than a regular haunting. You have an entity that can manipulate objects and may not be interested in halting the activity, but is actually leveraging the chaos it creates for its own purpose.

Poltergeists and Psychokinesis

Sometimes when you have episodes that are 'disorderly' and objects are being flung about, you can often trace it back to a human - a living human.

Psychokinesis has been known to manifest without the conductor being aware they are the cause of it or that they have the capability for it in the first place. It stands to reason if they don't know they can do it, they certainly have no idea how to stop it.

Psychokinesis seems to be able to feed off of extreme emotions, or perhaps a better explanation - emotions can become releasers allowing the manifestation of loud noises, or moving objects. Of course, this potergeist activity then causes more trauma and emotion which can result in more occurrences taking place.

Most episodes of psychokinesis happen with teenagers, and children just entering puberty. It's a volatile time for the young body as well as the mind. There is so much going on inside the body with growth and change, and equal amounts of tremendous change inside the mind, as children are expected to take on more adult traits, which can cause a great deal of emotional upheaval, that the real wonder is that there isn't more of this phenomena going on.

It can, of course, also happen with younger children and adults, though the instances seem to be more rare.

Poltergeists and Entities

Entities encompasses just about anything not having had a life and died, which is what ghosts are derived from. Entities can be demons, minions and just about anything supernatural.

While you can get the same activity happening when entities are involved usually there are more telltale signs you are dealing with something more dark than poltergeists.

If you are dealing with a haunting that has a great deal of disruption you have to determine first if poltergeists are involved and then what type of poltergeists you are dealing with.

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