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Here is another of our real true ghost stories sent in by one of our visitors.

About two years ago my friend and I went to visit my grandmother's grave. As we were leaving we saw a man walking between the graves and he came out to the road to meet us. As we were approaching him, the grounds keeper drove right by him as if he didn't notice him. Yet the man waved to us.

Cemetery Photo

When we got to him, he began asking us for help. He kept telling us that people keep acting like they don't even see him and "all these people won't leave him alone".

He said that he had woken up in the graveyard and that his friend just left him there.

He was VERY frantic and emotional.

What he was saying just didn't make any sense. We told him to go to a hospital.

It wasn't so much what he said and he didn't look creepy. But his energy felt very cold and my body wanted to respond but it was as if every signal in my body was firing off all at once.

My mind just couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening. I think he was a spirit. Otherwise why were we able to see him but the groundskeeper didn't seem to notice him at all? To this day I think of him. I wonder if he were trying to tell us something. He could have just been some crazy guy, but my intuition tells me otherwise.


Spirits can appear in different ways and we're not totally sure why some can be more 'solid' than others. It may be due to the ability of the person seeing them.

It seems to me he didn't know he had died and followed his body to the cemetery and now can't quite figure out what has happened.

Thanks for sending this in we've added it to our real true ghost stories.

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