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Another of Our True Short Ghost Stories

True short ghost stories sometimes grip us tightly by the heartstrings like this one from:


The Ghost That Guards and Protects

Isn't it great when you have a ghost that guards and protects your family? Though, I'm not quite sure that my brother's family sees it that way.

Being children of the depression, my parents were fanatical about conserving and saving literally everything. From tinfoil, string, and plastic baggies to heat, water, energy or anything else that would save money or could be reused.

As a yearly tradition our family has gathered for years in Baltimore at my little brother's house for Thanksgiving. Seven years ago my Dad stayed behind. (Not by choice though.)

My parents were the last of the family to get ready to get on the road and return home. As my dad was kissing my brother goodbye, it ended up to be the final time he would do so. He died of a heart attack in my brother's arms right at the front door as my Mom was waiting in the car.

Although my Mom drove his ashes home, Dad's spirit stayed behind as a spirit to guard and protect my brother, his wife and four young boys.

He closes the windows for them when the air conditioning or heat is on and one of the kids has left them open. He turns off lights, he makes sure doors are shut, the water is off on all faucets and has even managed to add scraps of tinfoil to their "odds and ends" drawer.

My brother has learned through the past several years that the comforting shadow that he catches moving down the hallway is Dad making sure his house is secure. And sure enough, shortly after he sees the passing spirit, the unmistakable sound of a window closing will be heard.

My brother's entire family now feels the comforting presence of Dad watching over them all and knows that the glimmer in the other room is just Dad checking on things...

East of the Mississippi

True short ghost stories don't all have to be scary. Sometimes the ghosts are here to take care of us and maybe they just aren't ready to let go of this life. Maybe they feel they still have something they have to do, like protect us.

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