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Types of Ghosts - Kinds of Ghosts
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People tell of many experiences with different types of ghosts, or kinds of ghosts, from full body apparitions to orbs and from quiet shadows to noisy poltergeists.

It may leave you wondering if there are actually different kinds of ghosts or if it is just how we the living can see or respond to them.

With all the accounts, it seems it may be that there is a little of both involved.

What seems to hold true with different types of ghosts is that each sighting is acknowledged by the person who experiences it and they're fairly certain they are witnessing a visit from someone who has passed on. Maybe what sorts of apparitions we see, are exactly the kind that they want us to see.

Full Body Apparitions

These are the kinds of ghosts that the entire apparition is visible. Sometimes they are so clearly visible that you may not be able to tell that you are seeing a ghost at all but believe you are seeing a living person. Other times, full body apparitions take on the silhouette of a person but you can't quite make out features.

Quick Fleeting Glimpses

Often, you only catch a very quick glimpse of a ghost, usually out of the corner of your eye. If you turn quickly to catch a better look, they usually disappear. This could always be because they don't really want to be seen, but more likely it is that we lose that mind state that allows us to view them.

Another quick glimpse that folks tell about a great deal is a dark shadow. Most of the time these are not ghosts at all but shadow people or shadow creatures another type of entity altogether since it seems that they are not necessarily people who have died and come back, and often do not resemble humans at all.

Poltergeists Ghosts that make noise or move things

Just as the name implies, with poltergeists, ghosts are trying to communicate through making noise or moving things. Another version of poltergeists is the types of ghosts that are trying to create chaos which is closer to the true meaning of poltergeists.

Ghost Orbs

These can be best described as balls of light. Most often they are first noticed on photographs but there are a number of accounts of folks witnessing a ghost orb with their eyes. Some have said that they knew the orb was a person that had died, others aren't sure exactly what they might have seen.

Ghosts Seem to Come in Different Types

People have reported all types of ghosts from those that could be seen either clearly or as faint as gossamer, to only being able to hear them, sometimes as a clear voice or just noises.

There are different types of ghosts which follow a certain criteria which places them in their own category but whether the differences are due to the strength of the ghosts or if they are a different sort of ghost altogether is still up for speculation. Though these descriptions give you an idea of the kinds of ghosts you can be on the look out for.

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