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Can this phenomena be memory imprint, or the Akashic Records on a place?

Memory imprint is considered when something that resembles a haunting, but clearly isn't one, happens. It would seem that places and objects can remember what has happened around them, as if they absorb the emotions and activities that have taken place in the past.

This belief is upheld when people with some psychic abilities, even if they don't know they have them, can pick up some impressions when they visit or touch things. They can get glimpses of a past event or pick up knowledge about a few things concerning the lives of people through them, that they didn't know about before.

You may notice that sometimes when you go into a place you get a good feeling or bad feeling about it. The emotion is in the atmosphere itself. It's as though the place remembers what has happened before and gives off the signals that you are picking up on.

This would lend some credence to the idea that everything that happens is recorded into the surroundings.

Can absolutely everything become a memory imprint?

If anything can be recorded, then it stands to reason, everything can be, though stronger emotions seem to take over weaker ones. I do know you can change the atmosphere of a place, though sometimes it can take a long time, depending on circumstances involving the area and its occupants.

The Akashic Records

There is also quite a bit of research going on into the Akashic Records theory. The premise is the same, that everything in the universe is recorded and can be referenced in the correct 'subconscious state'. Some people believe this is how psychics and clairvoyants can tell things about people or objects.

The two are probably the same thing or fairly close, with each just having a different name. Naming a phenomena enables folks to gather data on it and therefore research it more fully.

Memory imprint on a place is continually changing as the atmosphere is never static, though there are a few areas, such as noted battlefields, where some imprints remain consistently strong.

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