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Some real ghost stories sneak up on you. It doesn't always have to be dark for paranormal activity to take place. Sometimes ghosts show up in the most unlikely places Ė after they've gotten themselves into some highly unlikely situations.

Guarding a Secret

The couple enjoyed shopping almost as much as they enjoyed sightseeing. Department stores were great but the little shops tucked away in remote corners were much more interesting and invariably turned up the most enchanting treasures.

The late spring morning was crisp and fresh when the pair started to check the small shops in Perth, Ontario. They had wandered through two used book stores before they stopped in front of a shoe store.

"We need more shoes," Karl said with smile. "Thereís still room in the closet."

"Boots," Margie countered. "The best time to buy them is after winter is over."

"Absolutely." Though neither of them were looking at the boots in the window. The building the boots were in however, was captivating. The door was adorned with intricate carvings of vines brought out in bas relief. "Now that is beautiful work," her husband commented as he ran a hand over the door.

"Letís go in," she whispered excitement high in her voice. Perhaps the inside had more to offer than footwear.

Karl opened the door stepping through and holding it open for her to pass. A little bell tinkled their arrival.

Margie stepped through the doorway and gasped.

Sensations slammed into her. She was stopped short, the strength drained from of her legs. A ward? She scanned the small shop. Oxfords and pumps of every color and size lined shelves along each wall. In the center of the room tables and counters were set up, all showing off the latest foot fashions.

There was nothing else.

Her husband had moved deeper into the shop and was talking to a middle aged woman. "We sort of didnít come in to buy anything, it was your door that caught our attention," he told her. "There are so many great buildings here, we're just mainly looking at the scenery."

"Perth is one of the most picturesque towns you'll ever visit. And we don't mind you looking at our buildings one bit," she rested a friendly hand on his arm.

Margie looked across the room. Her attention stopped at the armoire against the back wall.

"Hon, you going to come in the rest of the way?" Karl asked.

Sheíd forgotten to walk further.

"What a lovely armoire," she said. She took a few slow steps. So this is where the sensations were coming from.

The armoire was carved with dragons locked in battle and lions roaring defiance at unseen interlopers.

Every level surface had shoes displayed on it.

As she came further into the room the sensations dampened as she threw her own wards up.

Defiance, trepidation, a being trapped Ė indignation, all the emotions issued from the piece of furniture.

The saleswoman released her husband and walked to the armoire. "Isn't it the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? The store owner brought it over from a castle in Scotland. The story goes that a knight kept something special hidden inside some secret compartments. We havenít found any compartments but after it arrived some folks started to see things. They swear they can see someone standing beside it with a sword in his hands."

"Maybe it's the knight and he's haunting it?" She sounded hopeful. "Wouldn't it be the most wonderful thing if it was haunted? Ghost stories are so much fun don't you think?" Her eyes sparkled with delight.

Margie cocked a brow at the saleslady and smiled with what she hoped was a light grin. "Maybe you shouldn't keep shoes on it then. Might make him angry. Last thing you'll want is an angry knight with a sword loose in the shop."

"You know, you're probably right," the woman laughed as she stroked the wood.

Margie came up close to stand beside her. "It is a lovely piece. You don't even see the shoes. I think it would add a lot to the shop if you displayed it by itself."

The woman stared at the armoire. "I think you're right. You know, it's strange but no one ever buys anything from this display. I think I will clear it off. Maybe set up something beside it instead."

"Oh, thatís a brilliant idea. A nice display with your most expensive fashions. People will be drawn to the armoire and then they'll notice the shoes. Great sales strategy."

The woman nodded, deep in thought. "I think I'll do that this afternoon."

"Wonderful idea."

The couple left the saleslady clearing off the armoire and made their way to the door. As they stepped outside Margie felt the knight sigh - gratitude, peace Ė of a sort. It seemed he was much happier with the change in decor.

Margie laughed to herself, the sales woman was so interested in real ghost stories and didnít realize she'd just been part of one.

When you're a sensitive it can sometimes be difficult to carry on normally. It's almost as if there is a little beacon that goes along with you and sends out a signal to any real ghost.

Stories always seem to tell about the more obvious hauntings, shadows, strange figures, unexplainable words or noises, objects being moved, that sort of thing.

There is a more subtle paranormal activity generated by some ghosts that can only be picked up by a few individuals. Emotions can have very strong currents. Sensitives have the ability to pick up feelings that ghosts have.

It makes us realize that though they are spirits and reside on another plane they still feel, often very strongly.

We are very happy to add this special type of tale to our collection of real ghost stories.

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