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A Real Ghost Story

Another real ghost story from one of our visitors.

Sometimes you start with an experience and it's difficult to figure out what exactly is going on, it can take a bit of time to put all the facts together.

This one starts with a game that seems quite friendly, but it's only the start to the real ghost story.

After some research the whole ghost story comes together.

The Lost Miner

We experienced an invisible ball being bounced a distance of about eight feet back and fourth, our dogs lying on our bed watched the "ball" like a tennis match, mesmerized. When they tired of the "match" they started growling and barking. This went on for several weeks then it stopped suddenly, strange and interesting.

It wasn't until later that we put the dogs playing invisible ball and the story came together -

About five years ago we lived in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in CA in gold country. My neighbor owned 10 acres and on his property was a couple of old gold mines that were abandoned and the entrances bulldozed over.

Wayne, the owner, owned a backhoe and was in the process of levelling and generally cleaning up the property when he just happened to open one of these mine openings.

Not long after, the family started seeing a ghost in their house (a miner with his head lamp and attire) was seen the most inside and outside the house. Wayne showed us photos of many orbs filmed in and around the house after that.

I believe here is the connection between the bouncing ball and the miner: Joey the 4 year old son of Wayne seemed to be very receptive to this ghost miner and talked with him according to Wayne's wife Jo.

Joey spends the weekend with Jo's aunt and they started to have ghostly happenings even to the point of calling Jo and asking for Joey to come get his ghost as they were uncomfortable with these visitations.

Shortly after Wayne brought Joey to our house for a visit things started to happen. None of this was particularly disturbing but it happened. Wayne and I sort of came to a conclusion that when the mine entrance was opened the miner thought his property was being taken over and he did not like it. Why the old guy was playing with our dogs is anybody's guess.


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