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Short Ghost Stories

Short ghost stories are simple and uncomplicated, usually they tell about a one time happening that leaves folks with very little doubt they’ve experienced something out of the ordinary. Adam listened to stories all day – one day he got a story of his own.

You Don't Have to be Scared

Installing things in neighbours' houses was a job Adam loved. He did work he was good at and folks really appreciated. As a bonus he got to chat with people for most of the day, something else he liked to do.

A lot of the talk was gossip, who did what and when. There was the occasional you'll never guess what happened story and as usually goes with old houses talk of weird goings on. All together it made for some great entertainment.

This particular old house was just rounding the two century mark. Despite the fact it had been kept in good condition it had definite personality.

The family lived there for more than ten years happily soaking up the ambience of a much later era.

Adam showed up to install satellite tv an event they looked very forward to.

"Got your wiring checked and up to date?" he asked. It was a routine question. There was nothing that played havoc worse with installing something than outdated wiring. Clara nodded, they'd been anticipating this for a long time, nothing was going to hold it up.

Adam made his way to the roof and installed the first pieces, then climbed back down. "I drilled a hole to put the wiring through," he explained, her husband would want to know what was done. "I'll feed it through the attic and down through the ceiling and we'll be all set." Clara nodded cheerfully then went about her own work.

Adam was escorted up the attic stairs by the youngest son, a wee fellow of about five. They both made their way across the floor to the other side of the house. Adam found his wire and began pulling it in through the small hole he'd drilled earlier.

A low mewling sound from behind him made him stop and listen.

He smiled at the boy, "You have kittens up here?"

"Nope, can't have no cats. Mom's 'lergic. That's the wind,” young Rick told him. "It does that all the time. You don’t have to be scared."

He nodded. He hadn't been scared, at least not until the little guy mentioned it, now he wondered if maybe he should be. "Especially since there's no wind," he whispered under his breath and finished pulling his wire.

Next he drilled the hole for the ceiling feed and fed the wire through once more.

Back downstairs Adam set up the wire, carefully tacking it down the corner of the wall and hiding it along the floor to the television set.

He carefully arranged his wires and tools. The television would have to be moved so he could get behind it and attach the wires.

A row of figurines graced the top of the tv. He would have to take those down, but first he wanted to see behind, maybe he had enough room without moving everything. He reached a hand to balance himself. The middle figurine toppled to the floor.

"I didn't touch it," he told Rick feeling a little like a kid caught at something naughty.

"It does that all the time, it's the 'brations from the floor boards, happens when someone crosses the room."

Adam stared at the little fellow. They were the only two people in the room and they were all done walking before the figurine had fallen off, he supposed he shouldn't be scared though, even though a nervous chill was starting to creep up his back.

He moved the other figurines to a safe spot on the floor, moved the tv and finished attaching all his wires.

He stood and looked at the boy, "We'll turn this on, but we won't be able to see anything. We'll have to set the dish first, ok?"


Adam turned back to the tv.

Static flared as the set turned on by itself.

Adam went rigid, certain he shouldn't be scared, but this time definitely was. This shouldn't have happened. He jumped ahead and flicked the tv off. He looked at the boy. "Let me guess, static electricity from wind 'brations."

The boy waved him off laughing. "No, it does that all the time. The radio goes on too. Kinda neat, huh?"

"I like turning stuff on myself."

The boy shrugged, "You can do that if you want."

Adam nodded, "I think what I want is to get done here."

Adam forced himself to take his time setting the dish, getting it right. When he was finished he showed the boy how to change channels.

Clara walked in as he was packing his tools. "Everything ready?"

"Yup, you're good to go."

"No problems?" She sounded a bit sceptical.

"No, everything went fine."

"I can watch cartoons by myself," Rick broke up the conversation, proudly changing channels.

"You can watch all the cartoons you want," Adam answered.

He turned and walked out the door pausing on the doorstep to look back at the boy stretched out in front of the tv. "I'm just not so sure about the 'by yourself part'," he mumbled to himself.

Sometimes ghosts like to play and if they can get the attention of someone who isn't prepared it seems cause for that much more fun. Adam always liked short ghost stories, he just never really believed them – at least not until this day.

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