True Ghost Stories - Are They Proof That Ghosts Are Real?

Almost all of us have heard true ghost stories. We're usually told them in a quiet, dark corner where the teller hopes no one else overhears. That's because most of the time they don't expect anyone to believe them, and maybe even more afraid that someone will. Any kind of acceptance of their true ghost story just lends more credibility to the fact that ghosts may truly exist, and for a lot of people that's a very scary thing.

It doesn't really have to be.

Scary Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Simona Dumitru

At the very heart of hauntings someone is trying to get a message across one of the most difficult chasms we could care to breach - death. If there was ever a language barrier between peoples, the one between the living and the dead has to be the most profound.

You can't always understand what a spirit is trying to tell you. What message they are trying to make clear. And often you miss it entirely. Sometimes that can be the most unsettling.

It's impossible to guess if there are certain rules spirits have to follow that enable only a few to be able to communicate clearly, or if it is the living that lack the ability to understand what is being told to them. Either way it seems communication isn't always straight forward.

I imagine if things were easy the dead would simply tell us all about their adventures over tea and scones - or perhaps a whiskey, maybe better make that two.

As it is things aren't always easy and sometimes ghosts have to get creative to get their messages across. Sometimes we can appreciate this and sometimes we would prefer they didn't try at all.

Still, there is a reason ghosts come back to this plane. Whether it carries ill intent or good will doesn't count in. They have a purpose, it's just not always clear to us what it is. They are trying to convey a message and we're trying to decipher it. Sometimes neither side is very successful, other times it seems ghosts are too successful.

These true stories are about ghosts trying to reach us, and all too often our inability to understand what it is they want.

The true ghost stories on this site are indeed true, at least the people who have told them believe they are. I've gathered them from various places from folks that have been kind and trusting enough to share.

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