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Followed By A Ghost

By Jana

My parents always had a spirit in their house. We know it was female and never caused any harm. I have seen her a few times along with hearing her.

I moved out 8 years ago with my husband and since then their ghost is gone, but I think she followed me. Now my 2 year old points and laughs at things that are not there and the other night while half asleep my nightstand drawer opened and I heard a giggle. I thought it was my daughter but when I opened my eyes there was nothing there and my daughter was in bed asleep.

Do I have a ghost that has followed me through childhood and is now with my family?

There can be different circumstances with ghosts. Some tend to be attached to a certain place or perhaps even an object, as is the case of this particular ghost in Guarding a Secret who was attached to an armoire and ended up in another country.

Other ghosts may find they are fond of a certain person and yes, they can follow them. There can be a lot of different reasons for this. It could be the person is special to them, which often happens with relatives or close friends. Or it could be that the ghost knows that you can see and hear her. That could be reason enough for the ghost to be drawn to you.

We think of hauntings as scary, bad things, but that doesn't have to be the case. A ghost is just someone who has entered another plane and come back for a visit. They are changed, because they no longer have a body, but in essence they are still people. It's really only natural that they would want to be around someone who they can communicate with, or at least with someone who can sense them.

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